Digital Deposit Catalogue

about the catalogue

The Catalogue of the Digital Deposit of the Expanded Reason Awards is a document that compiles the projects of the Digital Deposit in an organized format.

The purpose of this catalogue is to present in an organized and summarized manner the collections available in the Digital Deposit of the Expanded Reason Awards' Community, regardless of their format (books, theses, magazines, videos...).

The catalogue is divided into the two categories of the awards: teaching and research. At the same time, it is subdivided into the disciplines of the faculties of the University Francisco de Vitoria, always keeping the original languages of the works.

For each work, a technical file has been prepared that includes: Surname, Name, affiliation and abstract of the project, as well as the key words of the text presented to the Awards.

With this catalogue, we intend to offer teachers and researchers a useful and up-to-date tool of the latest research in relation to the dialogue between particular sciences and philosophy and/or theology.  



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